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What's Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is among the world's most popular brands offering wireless telecommunications' services. It was founded by Peter Adderton back in 2000. The brand is used by two different companies: one in the United States and another in Australia.

Boost Mobile was brought to the U.S. as a collaborative venture with Nextel. At the time, the brand made use of Nextel's iDEN network to provide unlimited push-to-talk services. Cellphone plans with unlimited talk were quite rare during then.

Eventually, Nextel acquired sole ownership of Boost's operations in the U.S. Subsequently, they began expanding the brand in other parts of the United States. Nextel then acquired Sprint Communications, hence making Boost Mobile a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel Corporation. It was then that Boost Mobile began using Sprint's network to offer unlimited data, talk, and text, which also followed decommissioning of the iDEN network.

Switch to Boost Mobile

You can purchase a Boost Mobile SIM kit or your nearest local Boost retailer. Users are also allowed to bring their own numbers and port the same across to Boost Mobile.

To activate your SIM, you'll just need to visit the official Boost Mobile website and click on the 'Bring-My-Phone-Number' tab. You'll then be prompted to fill in the relevant details, after which Boost Mobile will sort it out with the previous provider.

Key Features/Benefits of Boost Mobile

Sure, Boost Mobile may not provide every extra found on the Big-Four (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) service plans. But, there's a handful of great features you're definite to love. Depending on the plan you opt for, you get to enjoy unlimited international calling (for selected countries, though) and its exceptional prepaid plans.

Below, we look into some of the key benefits offered by Boost Mobile:

(I) Services Comparable with Top-Tier Offerings

Boost Worldwide, a subsidiary of Sprint Corporation, is the firm that operates Boost Mobile in the United States. It provides wireless services using Sprint Corporation's network, which ranks among other top-rated networks in overall performance.

Smaller operators sharing network space with major wireless service providers are usually deprioritized. However, Boost Mobile customers get to enjoy the same data and service priority as those of Sprint itself.

(II) Free Phones and Discounted Service Plans

Besides, Boost subscribers that port their contact numbers from rival service providers get to enjoy free phones and discounted rate plans. The brand itself asserts that subscribers that port their numbers from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T can save up to 50% when compared to plans provided by Boost's competitors.

(III) Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans

Boost Mobile service plans are based exclusively on prepaid terms. That implies you'll need to pay for usage up front. That said, if you've ever had issues with unexpected charges or overages before, Boost Mobile plans would be an ideal way to protect yourself against bill shock.

(IV) Data Rollover

Phone service plans offered by Boost Mobile are designed in a way that any unused data is rolled over on the next recharge. To enjoy that, you'll have to recharge your account before the current plan expires. Also, note that rolled-over data is only allowed for a single extra recharge.

Free Boost Mobile Gift Cards - 2024

Now that you've Boost Mobile, you'll likely need some extra Boost minutes, credit, or data. Before rushing out and buying bigger-value cards, you can consider finding cheaper or, if possible, free alternatives. Such alternatives include codes and coupons.

Every now and then, the brand releases free Boost Mobile codes and coupons which can be redeemed for airtime, minutes, and data. The provider offers such incentives as a way of encouraging customers to fund their accounts while trying to recover customers that haven't refilled their accounts for a while.

Avoid Scam Artists and Fraudsters

A quick search on the Internet will lead you to all kinds of websites purporting to provide free Boost Mobile card codes. Quite many adventurers have been falling into traps designed by owners of such websites.

Others claim that the service provider is offering free Boost Mobile airtime, asking unsuspecting users to complete certain tasks or fill out various surveys. Users end up getting nothing at all and, instead, their devices are left infected with potentially harmful malware.

We advise that you observe extreme caution when scouring the Web and avoid such sites at all costs. A single red flag should be enough to make you leave such tricky offers. Bear in mind that legit sources of valid and free Boost Mobile credit are infinitely few.

Access Free Boost Mobile Minutes - 2024

We understand that not all cellphone service subscribers can afford the hefty prices charged for value-packed Boost Mobile plans. And, that explains why mobile users are always on the Web seeking free or cheaper, but safe alternatives. But, we are also aware of how stressful it can be to find legitimate providers of free Boost Mobile credit.

It's actually for such reasons that we decided to cut all of the nonsense and keep everything simple and straightforward. We've been offering free Boost Mobile gift cards for a while now.

Our Boost Credit generator has been developed innovatively to generate free, valid Boost Mobile codes, quickly and safely. These are provided in different denominations that you can select from. Such include $25, $40, and $60.

Why Give Away Boost Mobile Card Codes for Free?

Anyone with a sane mind ought to ask such a question, right? Granted that we provide free Boost Mobile airtime, you'd curiously wonder whether we are just another scam. Well, the fact is that we're not.

Essentially, we run a network of websites which display third-party ads on various sections. These ads are non-intrusive, though. Such sites are then able to generate revenue, most of which is allocated to the maintenance and development of the aforementioned websites.

When funds permit it, we purchase Boost Mobile card codes in bulk. Considering that our sites' visitors are the ones that enable us to generate revenue, we appreciate them by providing Boost Mobile credit for free! We don't obtain Boost Mobile codes in any unethical ways.

Why Seek Free Boost Mobile Minutes from Us?

1. EXTREMELY SIMPLE - The entire process is pretty straightforward. No technical expertise is needed to access your free Boost Mobile credit.

2. SPEEDY - You'll receive your free Boost Mobile airtime within a matter of seconds, credit to the innovative technology employed in designing our Boost Credit Generator.

3. SAFE & SECURE - We've put enhanced Web safety measures in place, ensuring the safety of your devices and/or details. No survey, no download, and no human verification are required.

4. MULTIPLE OPTIONS - Our system allows you to pick from different card denominations.

5. VALID & LEGIT - Before any code is generated, it's scanned for validity and genuineness.

Obtain & Redeem Your Free Boost Mobile Gift Codes in 5 Simple Steps

I. Using your preferred browser, navigate to our homepage.

II. Specify the value of the card you'd want by clicking on it.

III. Fill in the required details as prompted. Ensure that the information you provide is correct.

IV. Locate the 'Get Code' tab and hit it.

V. Upon receipt of the code you had claimed, follow the accompanying instructions to redeem the card for free Boost Mobile airtime.

Should You Opt for Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is simply a stand-out option, credit to the many fantastic features it offers. Such include excellent-value prepaid phone plans, simple bring-your-own-phone models, and no lock-in contracts. It's an undeniably worthwhile option for those a wallet-friendly, yet reliable alternative to the big-name telecommunications companies.

Important Info:

  1. Cellphone service providers often cap unlimited data provided at maximum speed. Once the specified cap is reached, services provided are reverted to slower speeds.
  2. Any prices listed herein are subject to change and might not be updated on a real-time basis.
  3. Consider checking the provider's website for actual product inclusions and details.

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